Welcome to the world of vegetarian specialities from SOTO

Discover the particular features of SOTO vegetarian specialities from controlled ecological sources.


Organic Spring rolls & Wraps

Deliciously crispy, hand-filled and rolled spring rolls and fine batter products with a variety of fillings.


Organic Fingerfood

Popular and healthy snacks in pretty shapes: stars, circles, sticks and balls. Ideal for eating warm or cold and popular among adults and children alike.


Organic Cutlets

Vegetarian and vegan tofu burgers - juicy, tasty and light, as well as savoury vegetable patties, some of which are wheat and soy-free

Exhibition data:


Biofach, Nürnberg, Deutschland 14.-17.02.2018

Bio West Bio West, Düsseldorf, Deutschland 29.04.2018

Bio Nord Bio Nord, Hannover, Deutschland 09.09.2018

Bio Süd Bio Süd, Augsburg, Deutschland 23.09.2018