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Bio-Frühlingsrolle und Spinattasche

Organic spring rolls

The fresh SOTO spring rolls are incomparably delicious. The pastry becomes wonderfully crunchy again when heated.



Gefüllte Teigspezialitäten

Filled organic specialities in dough

Discover the versatile and tasty organic specialities wrapped in dough from SOTO:
Vegetable-Rolls, -Rollinis, -Triangels and –Wraps in a great variety with tastefully furnished fillings.




Attractive organic fingerfood

Our popular and healthy snacks come in pretty shapes: stars, bites, sticks and “bällis”.
Ideal for eating warm or cold and popular among adults and children alike.




Organic falafel

Vegan organic falafels from SOTO are available in four different delicious varieties.





Organic burger

Our vegetarian and vegan “Tofu-Burger”is juicy, tasteful and fluffy, just like our big variety of savory vegetable burgers – which are also partly free from wheat and soya.





Organic Ready to mix

Look forward to the new Falafel Ready-Mixes from SOTO! Ideal to be stored at home. Very tasty as a filling in zucchini and peppers or as croutons when cut into small cubes.





Organic Convenience (deep-frozen)

SOTO presents vegetables in a completely new way: a spicy mix of juicy vegetables, refined with nutty sesame or trendy chia seeds. Enjoy this crunchy pleasure for more diversity!





Organic Fruits (deep-frozen)

Pleasurable berries in the varieties organic strawberry, organic raspberry, organic blueberry and organic berry mix.


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