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For several years now we have been supporting 3 godchildren from different continents through the organisation Plan International Deutschland e.V..

Plan International is an international children´s aid organization that works in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and campaigns for children´s rights.
The goal of Plan International is to help shape a world in which children do not suffer poverty, develop healthily and develop freely - in a society that protects children´s rights, regardless of origin, religion and political conditions.

Latifa, Niger


Latifa was born in 2010 in the Dosso region (Niger) and lives with her family in a house made of plastered, air-dried clay bricks. She does not attend school at the moment, because she has to help at home.

Xinzhi, China

Xinzhi was born in 2009 in Shaanxi Province, China. She lives with her family and grandmother in a cement house. She attends a nearby primary school.

Bladimir, Dominican Republic

Bladimir was born in 2014 in the region of Azua (Dominican Republic), one of the poorest provinces in the country. He lives with his family in a cement house with a metal roof. Bladimir is still too young to go to school.



BUND jugend HessenEvery year in summer the BUNDjugend Hessen organises the One-Earth-Camp for one week for young adults - 7 relaxed and at the same time productive days with about 60 different workshops on topics around nature and environment as well as social forms and lifestyles. However, creativity and movement are also not neglected! The whole event includes delicious vegetarian / vegan organic full board.
We have been supporting this active and instructive week for years with our SOTO products!



Circus Ubuntu



The organic veggie food GmbH supports the social project „Ubuntu“. The project exists since 1995 and was originally conceived as a one-time and one-year project in social youth work.

Meanwhile, an independent association of the "soziale Projekte e.V." has emerged from the project and the original idea of a holiday project for 40-70 children and young people has been further developed.

On the one hand the association offers with the four-week circus tour, which takes place annually, a meaningful vacation and leisure time organization, on the other hand the circus Ubuntu with the circus year - also called circus school - offers school tired, noticeable and restrained children and young people the possibility to experience a year of circus life, in order to prepare them for their lives.

We think that so much social involvement is marvelous and therefore support the circus crew with delicious SOTO burgers for the circus canteen.


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